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Very well thought out

It helps to be prepared for any situation. This video course pulls together years of teaching experience into one very well presented package; ideal for anyone who wants to make a living as a guitar teacher. I thought it would be a good tool for guitarists who want to start teaching, but not for someone like me, who's been teaching for years. After watching Be A Guitar Teacher I can see that anyone could benefit from it. It's a great example of how to organise your material and methods, and there's a lot to get from an experienced tutor. What I like most about Be A Guitar Teacher are the ideas of what to teach and how. Good examples of how to prepare and organise teaching material. Having a clear route to follow with students will make a teacher more confident and professional. I'd absolutely recommend Be A Guitar Teacher, and I’m looking forward to working through all the material. I can see there's a lot of hours invested in Be A Guitar Teacher and it’s very well thought out.

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Stuart Bahn is a professional guitarist and guitar teacher in London, England. He is the creator of the digital course Be A Guitar Teacher to help aspiring guitarists build careers as freelance guitar teachers. He is also the author of several apps for musicians, including 'Music Theory - Chords in Keys' and 'Guitar Fretboard Trainer'
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