Be A Guitar Teacher – Unit 1

Be A Guitar Teacher Unit 1 is all about getting started. It breaks down and examines in detail everything you need to do in order to launch your career as a successful guitar teacher. You’ll be guided through all the fundamental decisions that need to be made such as your rates, terms of business and the practicalities of teaching, as well as what equipment you should source before you begin.

Unit 1 guides you through the options for creating a guitar teacher website, whether you are trained or untrained in website design. It’s then followed by a look at the many different avenues available to you for promoting yourself as a guitar teacher.

The ability to promote yourself as a guitar teacher successfully in the digital world is an essential part of generating enquiries. Be A Guitar Teacher discusses many options for this, as well approaches to promoting yourself offline.

Unit 1 also takes a careful look at how to deal with enquiries as they come in. Every guitar student is potentially worth a large amount of money over the course of money months or years so it’s essential that you know how to make the most of each of these opportunities.

Preparation is an important part of making a success out of being a guitar teacher. Unit 1 helps you to get everything right first time. The attention detail here will help your teaching business run smoothly. It will increase your student retention and make you more money in the long-term.

Be A Guitar Teacher unit 1 is the foundation upon which all of your future success as a guitar teacher will be built.

Preparation and practicalities of teaching guitar

  • Reasons to become a guitar teacher
  • Practicalities of being a guitar teacher
  • Teaching space
  • Guitar teaching equipment
  • Applications for teaching guitar
  • Backing tracks
  • MP3s
  • Admin
  • Record keeping
  • Organising time
  • Guitar teacher website
  • Lesson considerations
  • Rates
  • Terms of business

Self-promotion and marketing

  • Non-web related marketing
  • Web related marketing
  • Web design
  • Web listings and directories
  • SEO
  • Social media

Dealing with guitar lesson enquiries

  • Phone calls
  • Common scenarios and best action
  • Emails
  • Record keeping
  • Following up

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Be A Guitar Teacher - Unit 1 - equipment
Be A Guitar Teacher - Unit 1 - Dealing with enquiries
Be A Guitar Teacher - Unit 1 - Terms of business
Be A Guitar Teacher - Unit 1 - Marketing

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