Spreadsheets for Guitar Teachers

Keeping accurate records of what you teach in your guitar lessons is essential for being a successful guitar teacher. You must always know what you covered in the last guitar lesson and how the student coped with the material. You should also make notes on what material to cover in the future.

Use the two spreadsheets below to keep track of your students’ lessons, as well as all your students contact details.

Guitar student records spreadsheet

Keep records of each of your student’s guitar lessons. Click to download file to your desktop.

Make a separate copy of this spreadsheet for each of your students. Fill out the cells as shown. Click on the ‘example record’ tab to see an example of how to use this spreadsheet.

Guitar students index spreadsheet

Keep all your guitar students’s contact details in one place. Click to download file to your desktop.

Every time a new students starts guitar lessons with you, add their details to this spreadsheet. If a student takes a break from guitar lessons, update their status here. If a students stops guitar lesson, move their details to the ‘Discontinued students’ tab.

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