Be A Guitar Teacher – Course Overview

Be A Guitar Teacher is a complete course that show you everything you need to know, to make a good living as a professional guitar teacher.

The course, available as an instant downloadable, is made up of seven units. Each one guides you through a different area of expertise.

Starting with preparation and marketing yourself as a pro guitar teacher, though creating teaching material, repertoire, scales and arpeggios, music theory, technique, rhythm and aural skills, case studies of hypothetical students, and much much more.

Written and presented by longstanding professional guitar teacher Stuart Bahn, Be A Guitar Teacher is packed with valuable information. It totals more than 4.5 hours of beautifully presented footage, and includes hundreds of demonstrations, visual slides and valuable expert advice.

Whether you are new to teaching guitar or you’re already a guitar teacher but would like to be more successful, Be A Guitar Teacher is an invaluable guide that will earn you money. The course will show you how to deliver top quality guitar tuition, and will help you to retain more guitar students for longer.

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