Be A Guitar Teacher video excerpts

Watch clips from the Be A Guitar Teacher video course

The following clips are taken from different units of the Be A Guitar Teacher video course. Each covers a different area of guitar playing and learning, and shows different approaches to successful guitar teaching.

Teaching the guitar fretboard

A short excerpt from Unit 2 of Be A Guitar Teacher, introducing how to efficiently teach guitar students the notes on the E and A strings.

Teaching guitar students the fretboard is a very basic and vital skill; yet it’s often overlooked by aspiring guitar teachers. Knowing the notes on the E & A strings – as a minimum – opens the door to your guitar students being able to properly use bar chords, scales and arpeggios.

Here, in under 2 minutes, Stuart shows a simple yet effective approach to teaching your guitar students the fretboard.


Teaching guitarists the harmonic minor scale

A short excerpt from unit 4 of Be A Guitar Teacher, introducing students to the harmonic minor scale and the chords within it.

One of the cornerstones of good guitar tuition is teaching the relevance of scales and music theory. Many aspiring guitar teachers teach scales in a purely mathematical or geometric way. Without showing how this technical area of music relates to the world of performance, many students fail to progress to the higher levels of musicianship.

This short excerpt is from one of the more technical chapters of Be A Guitar Teacher. In it, Stuart quickly shows how the harmonic minor scale and its chords function in real music.


Teaching guitarists left and right hand muting

Left and right hand muting are essential techniques for any guitarists that use an overdriven guitar sound.

In this short excerpt from unit 5 of Be A Guitar Teacher, Stuart explains and demonstrates how to teach your guitar students to develop these not-so-intuitive techniques.

As with the whole of Be A Guitar Teacher course, every minute is packed wth valuable information and guidance to make you a more successful guitar teacher.


Teaching guitar students major scale harmony

This excerpt is from one of the example lessons in unit 7 of Be A Guitar Teacher. In a little over 2 minutes, Stuart shows how to teach the essentials of major scale harmony to your guitar student.

As always, Stuart shows how your guitar students can immediately transfer their new knowledge to the guitar. Bringing context and meaning to each aspect of music theory is a vital part of of being a successful guitar teacher. Your students will develop better guitar skills and come to you for longer.


Teaching guitarists the fundamentals of tapping

Advanced techniques such as tapping appeal to many aspiring rock guitarists. In this clip from unit 5 of Be A Guitar Teacher, Stuart introduces the basic technical options for good tapping technique. This is followed by a quick demonstration of tapping using the middle finger rather than index; Stuart’s preferred approach.

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