Be A Guitar Teacher - Unit 4 - Music theory and its application

Be A Guitar Teacher – Unit 4

Be A Guitar Teacher Unit 4 goes in-depth into how to teach music theory to your guitar students. It covers what to teach, how to teach it and in what order.

Sooner or later your guitar students will need to learn about how music works, in order to more to the higher levels of guitar playing. Whilst some aspiring guitar teachers may fall short, you will be able to provide your students with well-prepared meaningful explanations about music theory as well as show them its relevance to guitar playing at higher levels.

In unit 4 you’ll learn how to teach music theory, not just from an academic point of view, but also how to teach your guitar students to make immediate practical use of what you teach them.

If you only have a basic grasp of music theory, don’t worry. The Be A Guitar Teacher course takes you step by step though the essentials of what you need to know.

To teach music theory you don’t need to be a mathematical genius. In combination with your guitar skills, music theory makes perfect sense when presented in the right way.

As always, the author Stuart Bahn explains each area of knowledge beautifully. Stuart draws on his 15 years of experience as a professional guitar teacher. Numerous demonstrations covering each area of music theory are given throughout for you to use in your own guitar teaching.

Teaching music theory and its application to guitar

  • The major scale
  • Major scale triads
  • Major scale sevenths
  • Variations of triads and sevenths
  • Modes of the major scale
  • Extended chords
  • Altered chords
  • Natural minor scale
  • Harmonic minor scale harmony
  • Phrygian dominant
  • The modes of melodic minor
  • The diminished scales
  • The whole tone scale
  • Arpeggios

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