Be A Guitar Teacher - Unit 5 - Guitar technique

Be A Guitar Teacher – Unit 5

Be A Guitar Teacher Unit 5 examines many different ways of teaching good guitar technique. The ability to improve students’ technique is an essential skill for any successful guitar teacher. Poor technique that is left unaddressed will sooner or later lead to frustration on the part of the guitar student as they discover limitations in their playing.

Unit 5 of Be A Guitar Teacher starts at the very beginning with the most fundamental aspects of playing, and progresses right through to more advanced techniques used in modern rock playing.

As guitar students progress, it becomes evermore important that their guitar teacher has the knowledge and ability to continue to refine their guitar skills.

Unit 5 covers how to teach alternate picking, how to teach tapping and how to teach sweep picking and economy picking. As always, each area is demonstrated with examples and exercises ranging from simple to advanced levels of difficulty.

As you teach each area of technique to your students, they will find they have access to an even greater repertoire than before. You will be able to keep setting further tasks to challenge them, and your students will be able to keep progressing through more advanced material.

With prepared teaching material in each of these areas of guitar technique, your students will make faster progress on the guitar and get more enjoyment from the guitar lessons themselves.

Even if you are not a master of all of these guitar techniques, the Be A Guitar Teacher course will show you how to develop your own technical skills to a high standard. Enabling you to confidently teach each area of study. How far you go from there is up to you!

How to teach guitar technique

  • Alternate picking
  • Guitar technique fundamentals
  • Technique with respect to chord changes
  • Technique with respect to bar chords
  • Alternate picking
  • String bending, slides, vibrato
  • Muting
  • Single string tapping
  • Multiple string tapping
  • Economy picking
  • Sweep picking
  • Hybrid picking
  • Natural harmonics
  • Artificial harmonics
  • Tapped harmonics
  • Pinched harmonics
  • Finger picking

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