Be A Guitar Teacher - Unit 7 - Example lessons and tips

Be A Guitar Teacher – Unit 7

Be A Guitar Teacher Unit 7 pulls together all of the previous units of Be A Guitar Teacher. In unit 7 you will take an in-depth look at delivering guitar lessons to three hypothetical guitar students; each of different ages, levels of ability, and with different musical interests.

In this unit you will see a breakdown of every part of how the lessons might go. The most important lesson given to any student is of course lesson 1. From the student’s point of view this is effectively an audition to see if you are the teacher for them.

For this reason, your first lesson must be good. As always, this rests on good preparation.

Each of the case studies starts with an initial assessment of the student’s current level of skill and knowledge. The study then progresses through what material may be suitable to teach them and what tasks to set them in lesson one.

Following this is a blue print of what may be appropriate areas of study for future lessons. The process of assessing and teaching is repeated for each of the three students, giving you a template to develop your own lessons from.

Next is a chapter on the essential components of good guitar teaching. something that can make the difference between an adequate career and a highly successful one.

Unit 7 then closes with a summary of 71 specific tips on how to make a success of your guitar teaching as a whole.

Guitar teaching approaches and delivering lessons

  • Style of teaching guitar
  • Assessing guitar students
  • Case study 1 – Initial assessment
  • Case study 1 – Lesson one
  • Case study 1 – Future lessons
  • Case study 2 – Initial assessment
  • Case study 2 – Lesson one
  • Case study 2 – Future lessons
  • Case study 3 – Initial assessment
  • Case study 3 – Lesson one
  • Case study 3 – Future lessons
  • Essential components of professionalism
  • 71 tips for being a successful guitar teacher

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