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A source of useful tips that will help you become a great teacher

Be A Guitar Teacher allows you to focus quickly how to work with very clear and detailed explanations. When I saw the presentation of Be A Guitar Teacher I immediately thought that it was a professional course and could definitely improve my teaching. I got confirmation of what I thought. Be A Guitar Teacher is a source of useful tips that will help you become a great teacher. It will save you time finding the right solution for every type of situation. The videos and slide presentations are made well, and will make you open your mind to a new way of teaching. I'd recommend Be A Guitar Teacher, for sure! This course is for everyone! For guitar teachers like me teach for years and want to improve their teaching and for those approaching for the first time to teaching!

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Stuart Bahn is a professional guitarist and guitar teacher in London, England. He is the creator of the digital course Be A Guitar Teacher to help aspiring guitarists build careers as freelance guitar teachers. He is also the author of several apps for musicians, including 'Music Theory - Chords in Keys' and 'Guitar Fretboard Trainer'
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