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A one-of-a-kind resource

One of Be A Guitar Teacher’s main strengths is its clear presentation; it is a course broken down into digestible elements, offering practical advice on just about all areas of guitar teaching and the business of being a guitar teacher With the wealth of guitar-related media on the web, it was a surprise to find something that, it seems, hasn’t been done before. Be A Guitar Teacher provides clear plans of action and ensures you’re never stuck for ideas. The one-off fee really is excellent value given the amount of content. It's comprehensive, from the basics of setting up a teaching practice to the specifics of advanced techniques, with valuable information for new and established guitar tutors. Be A Guitar Teacher has been a great resource of directly applicable ideas for my teaching of intermediate and advanced students. It has made me evaluate some of my methods and has filled in gaps where I previously had very little material. Be A Guitar Teacher is a one-of-a-kind resource if you need advice on how to deliver effective guitar tuition and make a business out of teaching the instrument. Be A Guitar Teacher will be of most benefit either to new teachers who can reap the benefits of tried and tested methods, or to those that are less sure of how to approach the teaching of more advanced students.

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Stuart Bahn is a professional guitarist and guitar teacher in London, England. He is the creator of the digital course Be A Guitar Teacher to help aspiring guitarists build careers as freelance guitar teachers. He is also the author of several apps for musicians, including 'Music Theory - Chords in Keys' and 'Guitar Fretboard Trainer'
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