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Bilbao, Spain

An excellent tool

Be a Guitar Teacher is an excellent tool for every musician who wants to take on guitar teaching, even if his/her level is not that high. That's my case. I’m a self taught guitarist and I wanted to make a living from music, so I decided to start teaching guitar to a group of students, and in order to improve my teaching skills I bought this course. Since the first e-mail, Stuart has been kind and helpful, and has given me good advice when needed. Regarding the course, it's very complete, covering from the psychological aspects of teaching to specific musical issues. I found it pleasant and pretty enjoyable, and it didn't take me long to appreciate the huge amount of work and passion Stuart has put into it. I'm still working on the course, while I test the knowledge acquired with my students, improving lesson after lesson. To sum up, I would recommend this course to anybody interested in progressing as a musician and making some money out of your passion.

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Stuart Bahn is a professional guitarist and guitar teacher in London, England. He is the creator of the digital course Be A Guitar Teacher to help aspiring guitarists build careers as freelance guitar teachers. He is also the author of several apps for musicians, including 'Music Theory - Chords in Keys' and 'Guitar Fretboard Trainer'
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