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Be A Guitar Teacher is the world's first complete course on how to be a successful guitar teacher. Download and study from the comfort of your own home. Watch your new business flourish.

Introducing Be A Guitar Teacher

There are two ways to become a successful guitar teacher:

  1. Spend years learning what works through trial and error; losing students and money along the way, or
  2. Learn how to be a successful guitar teacher from someone that's already done the hard work!

Be A Guitar Teacher is the world's first comprehensive course to help YOU become a successful guitar teacher. In this immensely detailed course, professional guitar teacher Stuart Bahn show you everything you need to know to start earning money now and build up as many students as you like in the future.

Becoming a guitar teacher - fundamentals

How to become a successful guitar teacher

Why are most guitar teachers unsuccessful? Until now, guitarists had to muddle through teaching guitar to students with limited experience of actual teaching. The result for many of these guitar teachers, is the loss of many students along the way, and substantial loss in potential income.

Even worse, some guitarists never completely learn how to become a good guitar. Some struggle financially and many find they have to abandon being a guitar teacher completely in order to take on a regular job...

To be a successful guitar teacher takes experience and hard work. Fortunately, the Be A Guitar Teacher course will show you all you need to know and save you years of trial and error. To learn how to become a guitar teacher quickly and efficient, download the Be A Guitar Teacher course today and begin your journey to guitar teaching success.

Teaching phrasing on guitar

The Be A Guitar Teacher Course

YOU can teach guitar and build a successful career as a guitar teacher. The Be A Guitar Teacher Course has been beautifully produced, spanning a total of more than 4.5 hours of professional video footage.

Stuart Bahn personally explains everything he has learned in his phenomenally successful career as a professional guitar teacher in London. He also provides extensive demonstrations of approaches, exercises and methods to teach almost every aspect of teaching guitar successful. This goes from chord-based repertoire and rhythm right through to advanced rock techniques, music theory, aural skills scales and arpeggios.

Teach music theory on guitar

Money back guarantee

Be A Guitar Teacher comes with a 12-month money back guarantee. So you can try the course for up to a year and put what you learn into practice.

If you don't feel that Be A Guitar Teacher is worth every penny, just contact the author for an immediate refund.

How to teach guitar - example lesson
Be A Guitar Teacher course

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  • Over 4.5 hours of expert advice
  • Hundreds of demonstrations and slides
  • Instantly downloadable
  • Paypal protected
  • Earn $40-100 / £25-50 per hour
  • 12-month money back guarantee

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Be A Guitar Teacher video course

Money back guarantee

Be A Guitar Teacher comes with a no questions asked 12-month money back guarantee so you can purchase the course with confidence.

Be A Guitar Teacher Unit 3 Phrase variations

4.5 hours of high quality video footage

Professionally produced video covering every aspect of how to become a guitar teacher.

Teaching material chords

Well-structured and easy to follow

The course guides you easily through every essential area of how to become a guitar teacher from marketing through to teaching advanced technique and theory. Learn to teach guitar with expert guidance.

How to teach guitarists thirds

Hundreds of demonstrations and slides

Be A Guitar Teacher shows you practical and written solutions to common problems in becoming a successful guitar teacher.

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